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  •    Trandafir Din Saron Foundation

  • Rodica is a single mother of 7 children between 2 and 19 years old. They live in a village in the county of Arad, in one room. Having no job because no jobs in the area, she tries to raise the children and keeping them in school. Some times she finds work by day in the neighborhood and also the older children, but it doesn't happen every day.

    The 'house' they live in is in a deplorable status, almost falling apart and filled with fungus. Also the children sometimes don't go to school because they have not proper clothes or because they need to work by day to survive.

    We trie to help them overcome their situation, but is very much to do. We help them with some clothes and some repair of the house and around the house together with some volunteers and a foundation from Holland, but it is not enough. They can use more help to at least arrive to the survival level.

  • Needs 1

    • Clothes for parents and children
    • Things needed for school
    • Food supplies
    • Bicycles for transportation
    • Monthly money  
    • Any kind of furniture or tools
    • Wood for winter
  • Needs 2

    • Animals to raise
    • Stables for animals
    • Food for animals
    • Restoration in the house
    • Restoration around the house
    • A new house
  • The most urgent need is demolishing the old 'house' and build another one. The house is almost falling because is very old, no good foundation and many big cracks in the walls and ceiling. And also 8 people and a small child living in one small room filled with fungus, is not humane.
    Also helping sustaining themselves by acquiring animals and food in the beginning is one of our priorities.

  • If you would like to get involved, helping this family in any way, please contact us for more information about the family and situation they are in. We can make together a good plan, so these children may have a hope for a better future.