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  • Georgeta is a mother of 7 children between 12 and 27 years old. Together with her husband she tries to raise the 3 children who still stay with them. The husband works for a very small salary witch doesn't cover much of their expenses. She works by day when she finds work.

    They are in a lot of debt and also in danger of losing they house they stay in. They have 2800 euro debt for rent to the state and another 2000 to the bank. The bank takes more than half of her husband's salary. They have this debt because some years ago one of their sons died from a nasty disease and they borrowed a lot of money for treatment and then the funeral.

    They need help to pay the debts and keep the 3 children in school.

  • Needs 1

    • Clothes for parents and children
    • Things needed for school
    • Food supplies
    • Bicycles for transportation
    • Monthly money  
    • Any kind of furniture or tools
  • Needs 2

    • Paying the debts
    • More animals to raise
    • Stopping the evacuation
    • Food for animals
    • Restoration around the house
    • Wood for winter (heating)
  • If you would like to get involved, helping this family in any way, please contact us for more information about the family and situation they are in. We can make together a good plan, so these children may have a hope for a better future.