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  • Visiting The Local Area

  • Zarand Mountains Vineyard

    Camping Route Roemenie is located in a vineyard village at the bottom of the Zarand Mountains, called Minis. This  vineyard area has a history of hundreds of years and has 60km of wine crops with many producers. Here you can taste different types of red, white, roze wine: Italian Riesling, Royal Fetească, Muscat Ottonel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cadarcă, Mustoasă of Măderat, Burgund mare, Pinot noir, Oporto, Sangiovese.

  • Siria Citadel

    Located in the Siria village, 16 km from the campsite. Was built in the 13th century, roman style, being the protector of 110 villages. It resisted to many attacks and every time rebuilt and made it stronger. Today it is an impresive ruin on the top of the hills of Siria. Elevation 496m.    

  • Feredeu Monastery

    It is an ortodox monastery made holly in 1710. Located 16 km from the campsite, near a river witch people say it has a holly water.

  • Ghioroc Lake

    One of the main attraction points of the area, 3.5 km from the campsite. The lake has a beach, pubs, restaurants and discos. The water is nice and warm, perfect for swimming. Also you can fish here. The lake has the fallowing types of fish: carp, catfish, rutt, roach, caras, platica etc...

  • The Soimos Citadel

    Built in 1278, destroyed and rebuilt many times during the confrontation between the Turkish and Habsburg empire, between the XIII and XVIII century. In the last years they try to conserve the ruins.

  • Maria Radna Cathedral

    Monastery Maria Radna (baroc style) built in 1520 by the franciscan monks, today it is a place of pilgrimage of tens of thousands of catholic Christians. The Cathedral and the monastery were destroyed many times during the fights between the Turks and Habsburgs during the centuries. Pope John Paul II gives the Monastery the rang of Basilica Minor in 1992.

  • Lipova City

    An little old city on the river Mures witch was hundreds of years the border between the Turks and Habsburgs. Here you can visit the Turkish Bazaar built in (1637-1672) unic in Romania. The Church “Adormirea Maici Domnului” built in bizantin style in 1338 of rit orthodox, considered masterpiece of the feudal art in Romania.

  • Pancota Open Market

    Every Saturday one of the biggest open market in the county is hosted by the Pancota City (24km from campsite). Here you can find local producers in meat, vegetables, bakery, clothes, furniture, animals and so on.