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  •    Trandafir Din Saron Foundation

  • Trandafir Din Saron Foundation

    Was created on November 1998 in Arad, Romania. Together with the Arad County Council, we had the fallowing activities:
         - A children house family type for institutionalized children, located in Fantanele – Arad.
         - Material and financial help for the street children, poor families, old foster care, schools hospitals and others.
         - Work camps for building or repairing the houses of poor families, schools or other social objectives. 

  • I

    From 1998 till 2013, 18 children between 6 months and 14 years were protected and raised in our foundation. This project has ended when the children turned 18. These children were helped material, financial and psychological (social workers from Holland, Romania). Every year were involved social workers from Romania, Holland, England and USA.

  • III

    During the holidays, there were organized work camps with foreign and Romanian volunteers. Some of the projects were in cooperation with local administrations. This way we reconditioned and build houses of poor families in impossibility of caring for themselves.

  • II

    In care activities:
         - For the street children were periodically offered food and clothes.
         - For poor families with no possibilities of caring for themselves, old foster care homes, we offered food, furniture and financial support.
         - For schools, kindergartens and social structures, were organized humanitarian transports with furniture, electronics and other things from Holland, England and USA.

  • IV

    In the foundation, there is a non-profit economic activity, Camping Route Roemenie. In this project were involved: foundations, sponsors, volunteers, students from Holland, England and USA.
    Up to 2014, the social activity was coordinated by Anna and Cornel. From 2014, the activity is coordinated by Paul and Bia.

  • From 2014, the foundation is authorized monitor disadvantaged families, to help poor families and children without financial and material possibilities and other social projects in cooperation with the local administrations.

  • The administration board:

    Tarniceri Anna - President and founder member
    Tarniceri Cornel - Founder member
    Tarniceri Paul Cornel - Member and Administrator